Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to School Blistering...The Professor's Girl - new spanking romance #SatSpanks

Today's excerpt is from my upcoming back to school spanking story, The Professor's Girl.  The book will be released as a box set entitled School's in Session, featuring books by Celeste Jones, Kate Richards, Dinah McLeod and Maggie Carpenter.

Both Celeste and Katherine Deane have beta read for me and told me I've reached a new level in hotness in this one, which thrilled me. I was actually worried this book had a little too much spanking and sex in it...(is such a thing possible?)  

Here's the scoop:

The Professor's Girl (unofficial blurb)

When graduate student Lucy Larson sees her hot professor, thesis advisor and employer at a spanking party, she promptly runs and hides. Later, kicking herself for her cowardice, she realizes she missed the opportunity to bring her spanking fantasies to life and sets her sights on seducing the hunky scientist. He ignores her antics until she accidentally ruins his research experiment and then he bends her over his desk for twenty strokes of the cane.

Dr. Todd Daniels would like nothing more than to get involved with his smart and sexy lab assistant, but doing so would be unethical and risk censure from the university. Still, when she deserves a serious spanking, he delivers.

Diving into a flaming hot love affair, they must hide their relationship and navigate department politics, a search for his child, given up for adoption years before, and Lucy’s insecurities about his commitment. He wants to make it all work, but he isn’t sure if their unbalanced power dynamic has longevity as a relationship. In the end, all mentors fall off their pedestals and students must spread their own wings.

Release Date: Sept 6th!

And the torrid excerpt...

His tongue met her folds with a shock of moist warmth and she jerked. He pinned her pelvis in place, holding one knee open as he licked into her, penetrating, teasing.

She reached for his head, weaving her fingers into his hair. He licked and sucked, the sensations making her thrash beneath him.


He paused, lifting his head and looking at her with mock sternness. “It’s Professor, to you.”

She giggled. “Professor, is this how you teach all your students?”

“Only the ones who show promise,” he said, lowering his head again.

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  1. Whew! Hot snippet Renee. That last line just totally does it for me ♥.

  2. Very we'll done! HOT. When will the set be released? Can't wait to read it.

  3. Ooh, this looks hot, roll on September,
    love Jan,xx

  4. That was HOT Renee! Loved the snippet, can't wait for the book :)

  5. It certainly looks like it's going to be a real hottie!

  6. Ooh, very hot snippet Renee!


  7. Naughty, naughty - on so many levels!

  8. yeah, this is definitely a HOT story.
    and no, IMHO I don't think there can ever be too much spankings and sex :)

  9. There's a definite familiarity about these two ;-)

  10. I agree with Katherine, there never can be too much of my favorite things. lol

  11. I love it! Love your blurb and the hot excerpt.

  12. Sounds delicious. I think I would be like lucky Lucy and my antics would deserve a tongue lashing.

  13. Ooohhh Professor/student. How naughty!

  14. Hot, hot, hot!! The energy between them is crystal clear. Great Snippet and love the title

  15. Yum ... I like how he teaches!!! Too much spanking and sex? Nahhhh ;)

  16. He pinned her pelvis in place... I love that. I also the love the 'Bad Girls' mantra at the beginning of the piece - ~giggle~ Why do bad girls have so much more fun?

  17. Just what I need a back to school spanking anthology. It will make going back to work so much more fun.


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