Thursday, February 20, 2014

TTWD for life? Spanking Round Table Discussion #SpankingRound

Today's Spanking Romance Review's spanking round table discussion is hosted by Patricia Green who presented the topic of how or whether spanking may continue as we age.
I saw Es May also addressed this topic this week, when a friend of hers suggested TTWD might be a "phase" in their marriage.  

It did take me 18 years to ask for this in my marriage, so I guess so far it's been a short phase in the long scope of our relationship. However, considering I have been a spanko for my entire life, it's hard to imagine it's a phase I will ever grow out of!  

I do acknowledge that the desire to be spanked, whether it's the slap and tickle variety or the punitive variety, is a desire that stems from the sexual part of the brain. It's a fetish.  So maybe when I reach an age where my hormones no longer create the urge, I would lose my interest.  Maybe I'll never reach that age. :)
I remember reading on Finding Sara, that after her surgery when her hormones were dropped, she had absolutely no interest in spanking or domestic discipline.

I also remember my dad telling me when he'd reached the age where he no longer felt "girl crazy". (He was a bit of a playboy).  He said it came as somewhat of a relief to not want to chase women around.  

I wonder if it would come as a relief to not think about spanking so much? 

I doubt it!  What else would I write about??

Check out all the Spanking Round Table Participants and their thoughts:


  1. As we age, we morph into all kinds of variations on a theme, but the basic melody remains. You are such a spanko, Renee, I imagine you'll be naughty enough to warrant a smack on the rear even when you're 80. :)

  2. HI Renee, this is a very interesting topic. I read Es May's post too and also Sara's. In our case, we started incorporating spanking in play then decided we wanted to extend it beyond the bedroom and incorporated DD into our relationship. Our dynamic has evolved and changed over time as we have changed and as needs have changed. One constant though is spanking! :)

    I don't image it's a phase you will grow out of either :)


  3. interesting post, Renee. Lovely to see you call spanking a fetish. I wonder if I'll ever lose interest too

  4. I actually have read on other blogs that the desire to be spanked drops with one's sex drive even if spanking wasn't overtly sexual.

  5. I hope I don't ever lose my sex drive. I hope you don't either. Or wanting to be spanked! Never mind what will I write about, what will I think about??

  6. Please, please don't say that! Even without the sexual advantages, the endorphine release is better than a triple shot of chocolate. Damn, someone have the HRT at the ready for me please.

  7. It hasn't happened yet and I'm heading toward my 7th decade.

  8. Oooo, I can't imagine not wanting spanking as a part of my life. I can't even visualize feeling this was a phase. That's actually a scary thought. O.O Until I get there, though, I don't think I'm going to stress about it too much. I see too many elderly people still eager to participate at the munches.

  9. This is an interesting thought. The idea of spanking and what I want out of it has been fluid for a long time. It took me a very long time--longer than 18 years--to talk about it with the ol man, and my ideas around what I want for myself has changed somewhat over the years. Because of my sweet nature and vanilla sensibilities, I do not require the type of spankings most of you ladies do--especially you, Renee ;). But I still desire the dominance that is required for a man to take a woman in hand. I'm getting plenty of that, and for me, I don't think THAT part will ever change. The rest, for me, comes and goes. I'm at an age where lots of things are changing. Let's visit this again in a year, can we? xoxo

  10. Well, being a fan of your stories, well the five or so I have read so far, I hope your interest stays so that we can keep reading. :). I meant to jump in on this Congo after your suggestion, but time got away from me. :( Thank you for the mention, I was surprised to see my name.

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay

    1. Er... Convo... Grrr auto correct. Lol

  11. I think you never know what is going to come or where life will take us. At this moment, I can't imagine not wanting spanking - it's like you said, it's not something you grow out of, but the reality of growing older and hormones and all that crap is there. I like your dad's words - that it was a relief. I've heard something similar about just getting to your 50s and feeling good in your body. We shall see I suppose. I can tell you for the foreseeable future that tomorrow night, I will be spanked ;) How do I stick my tongue out?? ;P

  12. I don't think I'll ever completely grow out of spankings, but even now my interest ebbs and flows. I think it correlates to the amount of stress in my life-more stress equals more desire to be spanked. It took me about twelve years to broach the subject of spanking with my husband, and another year to talk him into it! Now I think if I tried to totally cut spanking out he'd protest. But, as others have said, we'll see what happens in a decade or two, or three:)

  13. Hmm. interesting b/c when I was over at Leah's I was commenting on the Dd aspect and whether or not that would continue. That I have no clue about, or about anything I truly think in the future. But the sexual component of spanking, I can't see the desire dropping, as Sunny said. The likelihood with health as Sara talked about might be there. My husband has proven to be quite adaptable so maybe he'd find away.

  14. Why am I imagining an anthology of spanking stories set in a retirement community?


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