Friday, February 21, 2014

"I daresay you enjoyed it" #SatSpanks - Held for Ransom (medieval spanking story)

I'm so thrilled my new medieval Held for Ransom is now available for sale.  It does not have as much spanking as some of my books, but it makes up for it in heart.  
After the king, Princess Ariana's twin <i>brother, captures Sir Gorran for abducting the princess, he punishes him by placing him as her slave at Avalon. Still, nothing stops Gorran when he thinks the lady requires discipline.  Here's what happens after he spanks and pleasures her:
“Never handle me again,” she commanded. 
He stopped walking and turned her to face him, cupping her chin. “If you put yourself in danger, you will find yourself over my knee again, I promise you.” 
She blinked at him, cursing the warmth she felt in her face. She attempted to muster anger, but none came. Considering the depth of feeling he had shown for her, his threat seemed a further expression of affection.  
“Barring that, I shall obey.” 
“And the other?” She could not bring herself to say it, nor was she sure he understood her until one corner of his mouth lifted slightly. 
“I daresay you enjoyed it.”

Held for Ransom
When Sir Gorran’s people disappear after a raid on a Saxon settlement, he kidnaps Princess Ariana, a priestess of Avalon, and demands their return. Though he knew he risked Ariana’s curse as well as a lifetime hiding from the king’s sword, he does not realize his greatest risk in holding the lovely princess for ransom is to his heart.

The intimacy shared with her kidnapper leaves Ariana wounded by the experience and his reappearance at the annual tournament only deepens her pain. When her brother foists him on her as a guardian and slave she must come to terms with her feelings for the dominant warrior. Will she send him away to his death, or will she realize her pain is only caused by living without him?

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  1. Great snippet Renee! "His threat seems a further expression of affection" ... loved that! Love his final comment too lol. He has her number!


  2. Started reading this one last night and I'm loving it, Renee!

  3. You have my interest - interesting that he's man enough for both ends of the spectrum.

  4. What a great excerpt. Lots going on there.

  5. I am so intrigued that he is her slave, but he's spanking her! I need to get to reading this!

  6. The tension between them is very apparent. He knows her well and won't be swayed from what he thinks she needs. Great job.

  7. Nice twist--that's he's a slave who dares to spank his mistress.

  8. You know I can't wait to d/l this book.....this scene is HOT.....bold.....

  9. Me thinks she did enjoy it. Renee, this sounds like one of your best yet! Congrats on the new release.

  10. Love it. The turned tables is a fun twist.

  11. love how he handled her!
    Loved the book!

  12. Great snippet, wonder if this is the transition where she starts to admit to herself her feelings.

  13. Ooh, I really like the premise of this story as well as your snippet, Renee. Off to get my copy now....


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