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Dancer Discipline - FREE SPANKING story - #WinterSpanks

Dancer Discipline
(C) Renee Rose

The house showed signs of a natural disaster, which is how her week had felt. Tech week as the Director for the Dance Artist’s annual Nutcracker was hellacious and she knew her husband, Ryan, was taking the brunt of her stress. She had been snapping at him all week, and that morning she yelled at their kids over which cereal they wanted to eat, causing Ryan to give her his sternest look. Even with her stress, it made her knees go weak.

Now, the children had been dropped at school, Ryan was at work and she just needed to make the little dancer gifts for all her students before opening night. Nothing more could be done, other than to pray the light board operator remembered the cues and the Snow Drops remembered their dance. The Nutcracker was their best fundraiser of the year, bringing in more than 500 people and well-covering the cost of the theater and tech crew. Most dance performances never broke even.

She sat down to put the dancer gifts together--little jingle bell bracelet charms. The sound of the front door opening surprised her and she jumped to her feet to see who it was.


"Hey babe," he said, giving her a quick kiss. "I decided to take a long lunch to give you what you really need."

She didn't much feel like sex considering how much she had on her mind, but one of their agreements was she could not refuse him if he asked or she would be punished. The idea of not having a choice in the matter turned her on, so in the end, it was always good for her, even if she resisted the idea at first.

"Okay," she sighed.

"Let's go in the living room."

She followed, eyeing the way his ass filled his crisp slacks, his button-down shirt a sexy symbol of authority. She loved when he took charge of her. He began to roll up his sleeves and she realized he hadn't been talking about sex. He sat on the sofa. "Pull down your pants, Jenny."

"A spanking?" she squeaked.

He gave her a quizzical look and she flushed, embarrassed she had thought he meant sex.

"What is it for?"

"You tell me, Jenny," he said, his voice low and suggestive, the gleam in his eye, dangerous. "Why do you need to be spanked?"

She chewed her lip, her heart rate increasing.

"I gave you a command. If you do not bare that pretty little bottom and climb over my lap by the count of three, you will be very, very sorry. One..."

She fumbled with the button on her jeans.


She shimmied her pants and panties down and dove over his lap.

"Three. Good girl."  He stroked her bare bottom and she sighed. She loved lying over his lap--the intimacy greater than when he ordered her to bend over a piece of furniture, or her least favorite, hold her ankles. He found that particular position amusing because of her flexibility, claiming it was the spanking situation made just for bun-heads.

He gave her a sharp smack and she yelped, always hating the beginning of a spanking, when each stroke shocked with its bite. She continued to jump and gasp, waiting for the blood to warm her cheeks and the endorphins to kick in. He picked up speed, spanking with a rhythm that signaled he planned to go on for a long time. She tried to lie quietly, but as the pain intensified, she began to kick her heels, causing him to clamp one leg over hers to pin her down.

“Ow...ouch. Ooh,” she whimpered. Heat flushed not just her prickling backside, but her entire body, as she began to sweat from the pain, even as her pussy grew wet with need.

He stopped, but did not give her the relief of rubbing. "Go and stand in the corner and think about your behavior. Not just this morning, but all week. I want to talk about how we can improve these tech weeks."

"So this is a punishment?" she asked as she stood up. She didn't know why it mattered.

"Do you need it to be?"

She started to pull up her pants, but he stopped her.

"Leave those down. That was just the warm up."

Her belly did a little somersault, her knees going weak at his dominance. She shuffled to the corner, her breath still rapid.

"Okay, Jenny. Back over my lap."

She turned around and saw their "toy box" of implements next to him, though she could not see which he had chosen for the next "set" of spanks.

She yelped when she felt the first pop of wood. The little red pocket paddle they'd ordered from Blondie's Etsy store assaulted her backside, alternating one cheek, then the other. "Ow!" she wriggled. Her unrelenting husband continued to pepper her backside with quick smacks, causing her to bob on his lap as she struggled to manage the pain. "Ouch, Ryan!"

"Mmm hmm," he said. He used to stop spanking when she started complaining, but in the last few months he had started to push her limits more. "I should have done this early in the week. I apologize, baby--that was my fault. You need help managing your stress during these show weeks. I thought you needed leniency, but I had it backward."

The pain became enough to make her eyes smart and no amount of wriggling allowed her to avoid the continuous spanks raining down on her bare ass.

"Please, Ryan!" she whimpered.

He paused and rubbed and she collapsed on his hard thighs in relief. "I am not going to allow you to slide so far again, Jenny," he said. At the same moment, something cold and slippery pressed against her anus. She gasped, instinctively tightening both her cheeks and her pelvic floor against the intrusion. He waited her out, leaving the rounded tip of what must be their stainless steel butt plug touching her tight hole. As soon as she relaxed, he pressed it forward. She shrieked, trying again to tighten, which only caused her pain. "Ryan!" she gasped.

"Relax your bottom, baby. I'm reminding you who is in charge around here."

"Yes, sir," she said, her voice quavering. With effort, she released her muscular resistance and Ryan pressed the butt plug forward until it stretched her wide, past its bulbous diameter and up to the neck. She whimpered, though it came half from desire.

But Ryan did not touch her pussy, which throbbed with need. "Stand up and take off all your clothes."

Her lady parts clenched in response to his dominance, even as part of her rebelled at the humiliation of it. He helped her up and she moved gingerly, sensitive to the sensation of the plug in her ass as she bent over and pulled off her jeans.


He arched a brow and she scrambled to remove her sweater and bra.

"Hands clasped on top of your head."

Her pussy spasmed. She stood before him, as instructed, painfully aware of the difference in their dress. He sat in his button down shirt and slacks from work, she waited, vulnerable in her nudity.

"I want you to tell me every rule you broke this week."

She blinked, tears filling her eyes. He shook her thigh. "Don't cry," he said, his tone softening. "Just tell me."

She bit her lip. "I did not do any of my chores around the house. I sassed and disrespected you and I yelled at the girls. I did not eat proper meals." She mumbled the last one because he may not already be aware of that misdeed. "I'm sorry, Ryan," she said, unable to stop the tears now.

He looked sympathetic--never unmoved by her tears, which was why he tried to keep her from crying, if possible. "Do you think you deserve to be punished, Jenny?"

"Yes, sir," she whimpered.

"Okay, sweetie. Come back over my lap."

She swallowed, pleading with her eyes. "More spanking?" She instinctively put both hands over her warmed bottom.

"Yes. We have forty-eight more hours until this show is finished and I need you to remember this discussion for every minute of it. No rubbing, you know the rules," he said, gripping her wrist and pulling her hands away. "Over my lap."

She folded over his lap, her bottom still throbbing from the pocket paddle. She tensed, waiting to feel which implement he would choose this time, and how it would feel with the plug in. She had never before been spanked with it inserted.

A line of fire licked across her ass, just below the plug and she cried out. The strap.

"Oh, please, Ryan. Please," she begged, even though she would be disappointed if he gave in. He knew better, continuing to tan her, not striking with much force, but on her already paddled bottom, the thick leather stung like the dickens. She counted, even though he had not given a number. When he passed twenty, she began to whimper in fear.

He spanked harder, each stroke causing her to jump and howl. Five terrible weals and he stopped, sliding his palm over her twitching bottom before twisting the plug in her ass. She moaned. Would he give her relief or make her wait?

He twisted the plug again, pumping it.

“Please, Ryan.” This time her pleading had a different timber: hungry, wanton.

“Stand up and bend over the arm of the couch,” he commanded, his voice thick.

She obeyed, every inch of her ass throbbing, the plug filling her and making her dizzy with need. She waited, not looking, enjoying the mystery of what Ryan would do to her. She heard the sound of his zipper and felt the head of his cock pressing against her slick entrance. He shoved inside her with no preamble, her pussy dripping wet for him. When he reached the hilt, his body pressed the butt plug further into her, the sensation of double penetration, of being too full, making her feel as if she would explode.

“Oh, Ryan!”

He caught her hair in his fist, tugging her head back as he plowed deeper, her welted cheeks the preparation for his dominance, her submission a drug that caused her to lose her mind with pleasure.

“Oh, God, please. Please!” she mewled, ready to shatter.

“Come for me, Jen. Come now,” he commanded and she fell apart--her composure exploding into convulsions and sobbing cries of triumph as he continued to pound into both holes with every in-stroke. She continued climaxing all through his cry of exultation when he joined her, locking hips and rubbing up and down as he came.

“I love you, baby,” he said hoarsely.

“Oh, God, Ryan--I love you so much. I’m sorry.”

He pulled out and gave her ass one more slap. “No more ‘sorry’. Just have a great show.”

She fell into his arms, her entire body going limp as if her bones had dissolved. "I will. The show will be perfect, no matter what happens," she said and, with perspective returned, believed it.


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