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A feminist, a spanko and a blind date...

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By Cara Bristol

Have you ever had a really bad blind date?

Matchmaking is an art. Too often well-meaning friends pair up two people who share nothing in common but a need for oxygen. He’s breathing; she’s breathing – perfect match! Not. A person has to be more than “nice” for a date to work, let alone a relationship.

How can our friends get it so wrong?

But sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. That’s the case in Body Politics, a Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline erotic romance. The heroine, Stephanie Gordon is a march-walking, placard-toting feminist, the founder and director of a women’s rights organization. She’s assertive, strong, and doesn’t hesitate to kick male ass. Her idea of the perfect date is a man who is liberated, sensitive, in touch with his feminine side.

When her friend Elizabeth Alexander, an attorney with a rep as the “the bitch with balls,” fixes her up on a blind date, Stephanie doesn’t hesitate to go because she’s confident her friend knows what she likes.

How could Elizabeth get it so wrong?

Mark DeLuca, the deputy chief of police, is chauvinistic, arrogant, and domineering. Even worse, he has Stephanie meet him at Bottoms Up, a bar for spankos. What kind of man does that?

What Stephanie doesn’t know is that Elizabeth and Mark both belong to the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of men and women who practice domestic discipline. And while Stephanie rejects Mark immediately, he’s quite taken by her, and recognizes, as Elizabeth did, that for all her posturing, Stephanie is submissive. When she flounces out of the bar in a snit, the chase is on.

Can a man who spanks teach a diehard feminist that her true strength lies in submission?

Body Politics Excerpt

He surprised her by taking her hand. His fingers were warm as he stroked her palm, igniting more shivers up her arm. He kissed her hand, and her heart fluttered. Beneath his stern expression she spied desire, confirmed by his next words.

“I’m very attracted to you,” he said. “You’re a beautiful woman inside and out. I respect your spirit, your drive, your ambition. You turn me on—and you infuriate me. Like your behavior this evening.”

She opened her mouth to tell him she regretted her actions, but he shook his head. “Let me speak. I’ve learned something about myself over the years, in my marriage. I need to be the man in the relationship, the one who leads, who sets the pace, who decides what’s acceptable and what’s not.”

“You want to dominate.”

“I wouldn’t describe it quite that way, but I won’t quibble over your use of the word. I want you to express your feelings. In fact, I insist on it. But the manner in which you do so must be respectful. You were rude tonight. To me, and especially to Liz.”

She already regretted her behavior with Elizabeth. Chalk it up to the potency of the Bottom Burner, the stress of dealing with Bethany’s passive-aggressive shenanigans, and the shock of finding out the truth about Mark— she’d overreacted. But she wasn’t going to admit that to him. Not now.

“I was blindsided,” she said.

“I understand why you see it that way, but the fact is, I deliberately made an effort to be very open and honest with you from the start. I brought you to Rod and Cane so you would know the kind of man I am and what I expect. That’s why I’m going to be very blunt right now. Our relationship will be a domestic discipline one.”

Stephanie snorted. “It astounds me that you would assume we would have any relationship, let alone a domestic discipline one!”

“Denial doesn’t make it any less so. We’ve gone out twice. And you came back to my condo with me. We’ve started something, Stephanie. And because the beginning sets the precedent for the rest of the relationship, I’m asking for your permission to spank you tonight.”

His audacity, his unrepentant sexism caused her jaw to drop, while quivery, almost sexual warmth kindled down low and spread. She pictured herself laid out over his lap as he smacked her bottom, and her knees started to shake. Something crazy deep inside whispered for her to submit. It was akin to staring down a precipice and wondering what it would be like to jump. She tried to pull away from him, but he maintained his hold. “Spank me, my ass!” she whipped out.

Amusement lent a slight curve to his lips. “Generally that’s how it occurs, although on occasion I may administer a few smacks to your pussy.”

A strong spasm shuddered through the body part he’d mentioned. “The hell you will.”

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  1. Renee,

    Many of my female friends in the scene are feminists and some are attorneys. Many are successful and independent and advocates of women's rights and so remind me of Stephanie.

    And,they want to be dominated and spanked by someone they trust.

    I have had one blind date in my life and it did not go well.


  2. I've had quite a few blind dates. Never had one pan out, but most of them weren't horrible.

  3. Renee, this sounds really interesting! I emailed you an CWS blog author invite too; not sure if you've seen it or not (maybe your spam filter ate it?)


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