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Come listen to my new narrator! The Knight's Prisoner is now out on Audiobook

My fifth audio book just released on and it will show up on iTunes and Amazon (for Whispersync) by tomorrow.  

The Knight's Prisoner features a new narrator, the talented actor Katherine Littrell.  Go listen to the audio sample and tell me what you think!!

Free with 30-day Trial Membership to Audible

Danewyn is nothing more than a tavern wench, or so she pretends. She hides her ability to see into the unknown for fear she'll be condemned by the village priests. But when she makes a prediction about the Red Fox--the lost prince and rightful heir to Britain's throne--she's overheard by one of his knights, putting her in grave danger as a suspected spy.

Captured and carried off for questioning, she's held prisoner at the Red Fox's camp, under the guard of Sir Ferrum, an enormous and badly scarred knight. Sir Ferrum does not hesitate to punish her attempts to flee, but he also reveals a gentleness difficult to reconcile with the harsh discipline. As her feelings for him grow, Dani must decide whether to continue her plans for escape or accept her new role as Sir Ferrum's lady and Seer to the Red Fox.

Publisher's Note: The Knight's Prisoner is an erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.
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Just out! Warrior (Breeder 3) by Cara Bristol

Warrior (Breeder 3) blurb

A female fighting for freedom. A male armed with determination. Can they save their people?

As a despotic Qalin marches through Parseon intent on conquering every province, Commander Marlix pledges his sister to another Alpha to protect her. Desperate to decide her own fate, Anika flees and finds refuge with the guerilla resistance movement against Qalin. Marlix’s aide Urazi hunts her down to bring her home to fulfill her duty. But when love blossoms between them, and provinces fall to Qalin, Anika and Urazi realize home has ceased to exist, and they are all that stand between the people of Parseon and the end of the world.

Warrior is the third and final book of the Breeder science fiction romance series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

Warrior (Breeder 3) excerpt 

“If I had not killed Grogan, he would have beaten and used you.”

Urazi had witnessed Grogan striking her, so the first part came as no surprise, but how could he have known the alpha had intended to avail himself of her?

“Do you think I could not read his behavior? That I did not notice him rubbing himself against you? Do you think I am mentally deficient?” Urazi growled. “If I had not intervened, you would have joined forces against Marlix, Dak, and Ilian without knowing it.”

Anika’s face heated with guilt and shame.

“You are impulsive! Rash,” Urazi continued to rail. “You fled without concern for the consequences.”

“I knew the consequences! Marlix would have sent me to Ilian.”

Urazi looked away. “Commander Ilian would have kept you safe.”

“Maybe safety represents the greatest danger of all.”

“Your words do not make sense.”

“I wish to choose what I do. “

“Protocol makes the choice for you.”

“Protocol. Protocol. Protocol! I am sick of Protocol.” Anika stomped around, too angry to remain still.

“It is the way. Our way.”

“Our way allowed Corren, Commander Dak’s beta, to slit my throat and leave me for dead.”

Anika traced the fine scar bisecting her neck. “It allowed Qalin’s guards to hunt Tara and me, to kill Tara’s friend Ramon.”

“That is not the fault of Protocol, but of the individuals involved,” Urazi said.

Anika shook her head. “No. It creates the environment that encourages such behavior.”

“That is incor—”

“Protocol allows the male offspring of my sire to send me to whomever he wishes without concern for my desires.” Anika cut him off.

“Ilian is Alpha. He is the best possible choice for you.”

“Qalin is Alpha, too. Would he not be a best possible choice?”

“Now you speak rubbish.” Urazi turned away.

“You know I am right.”

“I know we all have our duty. In obedience, we achieve honor.”

“Easy for you to say. You are male. Your duty affords you some choices.”

“I am beta. Do you not think I wish for more?” Urazi whipped around, his gray eyes ablaze.

“But I owe my allegiance to Parseon and to my Alpha! I accept that.”

“Well, I do not!” If she had a hammer she would not be able to pound understanding into his stony male brain. He would never empathize with her position. No male could. Anika clenched her hands into fists. If she were a male, she would have punched him by now. Old and new resentments ballooned. If she could not calm herself, she would explode. She would punch him.

Anika stomped toward the forest.

“Come back here!”

She ignored him. He did not get a choice in the matter. Let him see what it was like to have one’s wishes overruled.

“Anika, I warn you....” Urazi’s voice hardened.

She faltered, responding to the command, habit and lifelong training overruling self-determination. But only if she let it. I am more than what I have been taught. Anika whirled around, folded all her fingers except for the middle one, and showed him her hand. Tara had called it flipping the coro and explained it was a very rude, dismissive gesture on Terra. It would be more satisfying if Urazi knew what it meant, but, for now, it was enough that she did. She spun around and marched toward the woods.

Author Links:

Warrior Buy Link –


Cara Bristol’s web site/ blog

Amazon author page

Facebook page

Cara Bristol bio

Cara Bristol continues to evolve, adding new subgenres of erotic romance to her repertoire. She has written spanking romance, contemporary romance, paranormal, and science fiction romance. No matter what the genre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

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National Bang Your Boss Day!

Today is National Boss's Day for those who live in the U.S.  Apparently, it's one of my favorite dynamics for D/s and discipline, because I have not one, not two but five boss-employee books. Why? The power dynamic is already set up, of course!  It makes for perfect spanky fun.

The Bossman  - Okay, this is not actually a boss-employee relationship, but how could I leave this hot mafia romance out with that title?

Pleasing The Colonel - Miss Downy takes a job as governess for the stern (and sexy) Colonel. This might be my all-time best seller to date (or in close running with The Westerfield Affair)

Yes, Doctor - Chloe works in Dr. Dreamy's OB/Gyn clinic and receives a very naughty pelvic exam...

The Professor's Girl - Lucy (aka The Sexy Scientist) works for her professor Dr. Todd as a lab assistant doing research.

Deathless Love - Dom, the owner of the nightclub No Return, hires Kate's band to play at his club. When she gets too drunk and falls off the stage, he bends her over his desk for a little bare-bottomed spanking!

The Devil of Whiskey Row - Cora works in Daddy Digg's saloon during the California Gold Rush and quickly learns he backs up his rules with a little over the knee discipline.

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Naughty French maid who looks good in handcuffs... Sue Lyndon's newest offering

By Sue Lyndon

My first self-published venture, Maid to Submit, is now available on Amazon for 99 cents. Maid to Submit is a naughty Halloween-themed short story, and if you have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free!


Maid to Submit is a short story of approximately 8,000 words.

Ally's all dressed up and eager to spend Halloween night with her spanko boyfriend, Mark, but on her way out the door her roommate regretfully informs her that she saw Mark having lunch with another woman. Ally's heartbroken, but she's also angry...angry enough to hurl toilet paper through all the trees in front of Mark's house, among other naughty things. She doesn't plan on being caught red-handed, but she soon finds herself being tossed over Mark's shoulder and carried into his house. 

Mark insists they talk about whatever has Ally so upset, and if he has to hold her captive--or spank her--until she settles down enough to listen, so be it. He informs a stunned Ally that the busty blonde he had lunch with was...his mother! Now he's got his hands full with an apologetic French maid who is very much in need of correction. He's understanding that Ally has some trust issues because of her past, but he certainly won't tolerate such naughty, irresponsible behavior from the woman he loves. He informs her that she's to endure a thorough inspection followed by a hard spanking on her bare bottom, and that's just the beginning of her punishment. 

Will Mark get his errant maid to submit to an ordeal that is sure to leave her blushing? 

Note: This story contains a naughty French maid who looks good in handcuffs, a no-nonsense firefighter with a twitchy palm, bare bottom spankings galore, and other erotic scenes sure to make your e-reader sizzle. Please don't buy this book if such material offends you.


She sucked in a shaky breath as desire tightened in her core, the little waves of pleasure causing her nipples to grow taut inside her bra. Her breasts felt heavier and heavier, and the aching of her pussy deepened the longer she stood there. Waiting. Just waiting. For him.

“Look at that naughty young lady standing in the corner,” Mark said, his deep voice catching her by surprise. “She’s about to become one very sorry little girl.”

How had he walked up the stairs so quietly? She yearned to turn around and peer into his dark brown eyes, but resisted. Moving out of position without permission was a big no-no. 

The heat of his body radiated against her, and the entire surface of her skin danced and came alive with the need to be touched by him. To feel his lips trailing all over her, to experience the sting of his hand as he punished her, and to endure the shameful prodding of his fingers as he inspected her.

He cupped her bottom and she gasped despite herself. She was so on edge aching for her punishment even as she dreaded it, and the throbbing of her pussy as her body reacted to the strength of his presence didn’t help matters. She wanted him to hurt her and fuck her. 

Repeatedly. No holds barred.

“Spread those legs and arch your bottom up higher, Ally.” He patted her butt and moved back, giving her space to follow his instructions. She obeyed, lifting her bottom as high in the air as possible while parting her thighs. The skirt of her maid’s dress rose up, revealing her panty-clad bottom to him. “Good girl,” he said.

He stroked her backside, and his gentle caresses left her quivering in place, her legs barely holding her up. She felt moisture slip from her pussy to soak her panties further, and her face heated knowing he’d soon discover her vast wetness. As if reading her thoughts, he began to work her panties down, taking his time as he peeled them down to rest above her knees, which were still spread wide apart.

“I can smell your arousal, Ally. I know you’re wet. Now, let’s see just how wet you are.”

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*Read for free with Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited*

Other Titles Available on Kindle Unlimited:

Author bio: Sue Lyndon is a multi-published author of erotic BDSM romance and spanking romances. She enjoys a good book in any genre, loves Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, and runs on coffee and chocolate.

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F*REE BOOK! Grave Hauntings - Halloween Anthology

FREE BOOK! Grab it now!
I am so pleased to announce a wonderful Halloween freebie for your pleasure!  My story is the opening of Loose Morals, I'm just warning you in case you've already read it (you have, haven't you?) so you won't be disappointed.  But the rest of the gang has a whole lot of tricks and treats for you!

Download today!

Grave Hauntings: Where Sexy and Sinful Meets Dark and Chilling

Just in time to send a shudder up your spine, Grave Hauntings has a mixture of scary, sexy, and downright sizzlingly HOT short stories. The talented authors in this group worked excruciatingly hard to make your evenings seem a touch creepier and the corners feel a bit darker. There’s something for everyone. From vampires and wolves, to ghosts and zombies, to death dealers – well, as far as those are concerned, you might find a friend to hide behind.

This may be a season of fun and excitement for the children as they imbibe too much sugar, but we feel the adults need a Halloween jolt as well. Come celebrate the true Halloween spirit with us.

Charity Parkerson
Suzy Ayers
The Black
Thianna D.
C.E. Black
Eric Keys
Will LaForge
Corey Harper
Darling Adams

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Figged and F*&$ed Bareback (naughty read)

Today's excerpt is from Loose Morals, my just released paranormal.

$3.95 on Amazon

He picked her up by the waist and lifted her toward the ceiling, until his arms locked. Then he tipped his head back and lowered her pelvis so her pussy met his mouth. Flicking his tongue over her clit, he activated every screaming nerve ending that hungered for his touch.

“Oh my God,” she shrieked, stunned by both the sensation and the impressive position.

He carried her that way, bending low to fit through the door, into her bedroom, where he laid her on the bed, and crawled up between her legs, holding her thighs open to continue his expert assault on her clit. He pushed the ginger finger in and out and she clawed at his shoulders, the sensations overloading her system.

“Charlie,” she cried out hoarsely. “Charlie?”

He lifted his head, still wiggling the ginger.

Her pussy practically soaked the bed, the warmth of the ginger making it positively wanton for sex. “Please...I want you.”

He smiled but his eyes looked sad. “Want me, how?”

Her cheeks grew warm. “Inside me.”

He shoved a finger inside her. “Like this?” he teased, moving it in and out.

“No,” she whined. “I want your cock inside me.”

“You want me to fuck you?”


“Say it.”

“I want you to fuck me,” she said crudely.

He pinched her clit and she gasped. Picking her up behind the knees, he lifted her pelvis off the bed and dragged her down, flipping her over when she reached the edge, so she stood bent over the side. He shoved the ginger in and out some more and she stamped her feet, dizzy with need.

“Charlie, please.”

She heard the jingle of his belt and turned to see his cock spring free from his boxers. As she’d suspected from the size of the bulge in his pants, it was impressive, jutting straight out, long and proud.

She moaned, excited to feel him in her. “I have a condom--in there,” she pointed toward her bedside table.

“Vampires don’t need condoms,” he said. “No STDs, no chance of pregnancy. We get to go bareback.” He impaled himself in her with one deep stroke, his pelvis shoving the ginger deeper inside her ass.

“Oh yes!” she cried, already one stroke away from orgasm.

“Not yet,” he ordered. “You don’t finish until I say you can come. Understand?”

“Charlie, I can’t wait!” she moaned, taking a mouthful of bedspread in her teeth and biting down, hard.

“Don’t. Come.”



When Sasha Deschamps unwittingly attracts the attention of a strange man on her late night walk home from work, she winds up with a supernatural guest she can't get rid of. The dominant immortal demands her complete submission and cooperation, refusing to free her until she has performed an act of magic, one which she does not know how to even begin.

Charlie sees the power in Sasha and believes she has the ability to undo the curse placed on him by a jealous lover over one hundred years before. He also loves toying with the feisty witchling, doling out humiliating punishments while arousing a lust in her that leaves them both hungry for satisfaction.

Emotionally detached to the point of amorality, his motto has been "friendly with many, close to none", but he finds himself falling for Sasha, believing he might be able to trust a woman again. When he discovers she is actually the reincarnated witch who cursed him, though, his world turns on end. Can he accept she has returned to his life to heal the rift between them? Or will he walk away from her again, as he did so many years ago?

Publishers Note: This book contains elements of BDSM including anal punishment, figging, spanking, bondage and erotic sex scenes.

BUY NOWAmazonAmazon UK or ARe

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Etta Stark on Her Charming New Victorian Spanking Romance Lord Westbrook's Muse

I invited my friend Etta Stark over today to talk about her new book, Lord Westbrook's Muse, which I have already had the pleasure of reading.

Etta Stark: Thank you so much for having me here Renee! You’ve set me some really tricky questions and I will do my best to answer them.

Renee Rose: In your book, the heroine Cass (who refuses to be called "Miss X" as would be the custom) is part of the women's suffrage movement in England. How much research did you do for the historical tidbits? Is it a topic you are particularly drawn to?

Etta Stark: I’ve been asked about how much research I do before and I’m never quite sure how to answer.

On the one hand, I feel like I’ve been researching it my whole life given my fascination with the Victorian period. On the other hand, I don’t want to pretend that my books contain Hilary Mantel-levels of historical accuracy. They are primarily spanky sexy romances after all. I am sure any proper scholars of the time period would be horrified by the liberties I take.

I read a lot of nineteenth century history. The Women’s Suffrage Movement is a particularly interesting topic. People associate it with in the early part of the twentieth century what with Emmeline Pankhurst and hunger strikes and people throwing themselves in front of horses and everything. It actually all started much earlier than that. Lydia Becker - who gets a few mentions in Lord Westbrook’s Muse - was fighting fiercely for equal voting rights for women in the 1860s.

It’s quite sad that for all her enthusiasm on the subject, my character Lady Westbrook won’t have equal voting with for men until she’s 99 years old.

Renee Rose: In addition to introducing herself as "Just Cass", what are some of the other statements she makes through her behavior?

Etta Stark: Well, she’s decided to “sow some wild oats – or whatever the equivalent analogy was for a woman” so that’s a fairly bold statement for a nineteenth century woman. To be honest, her daring sexual exploits came about because I got annoyed in my first two books that my characters had to wait until their wedding nights before they could have sex. We were practically halfway through the book by then. “Right, in the next one, my two heroes are going
to start shagging straight away,” I decided. So I made Robert and Cass were quite the sexual libertines in order to ensure there’d be a sex scene before the end of Chapter 2.

“Right, in the next one, my two heroes are going to start shagging straight away,” I decided. 

Cass’s most obvious expression of her rebellious nature is in the clothes she wears. She favors ‘rational dress’ rather than the constricting corsets and crinolines that fashionable women were wearing at the time. The ‘aesthetic’ dresses that Cass wears were inspired by pre-Raphaelite paintings. There’s an example of such a dress in the Victoria and Albert museum in London which gave me the initial idea. I was struck that Victorian gentleman would be accustomed to seeing women constricted into unnatural shapes and that being able to see the outline of woman’s shape through her clothing would probably be incredibly sexy.

Renee Rose: (Aside: I just had to use that pull-quote because I love when Etta starts talking about shagging).  Despite her political activism, you portray Cass as quite feminine, yielding and warm. Do you think submission and feminism can go together?

Etta Stark: That’s a lovely description of her. Thank you. I think submission and feminism can happily go hand in hand with one another. It probably seems a bit weird to people who don’t share our kink but all the submissive women I know are also intelligent and strong-minded. Actually, that’s kind of the perfect package isn’t it?

...all the submissive women I know are also intelligent and strong-minded. Actually, that’s kind of the perfect package isn’t it? 

Renee Rose: Do you consider yourself a feminist? Do you think feminism still has a place in modern society? (okay, that's probably too big a question, but it's a topic close to my heart).

Etta Stark: Absolutely. I always wince when women start sentences with “I’m not a feminist but...” Being a feminist means that you believe that women should have rights equal to those of men. What part of that do you have a problem with? Somehow the term ‘feminist’ got conflated with ‘man-hating humorless harpy’ probably by the sort of person who would have called outspoken women ‘nags’ or ‘scolds’ a century ago. I am proud to call myself a feminist. I think we need to reclaim the ‘f’ word.

Renee Rose: (peeling off her shirt and whirling it around in the air) Amen, sister! (Recovers from her enthusiasm and clears throat) Lord Westbrook's Muse is a standalone book, but the characters from Lady Westbrook's Discovery show up in the story. Do you plan more books for this series?

Etta Stark: I think there will be one more. Lady Westbrook has two sons. So now Robert has had his own book, I may write one about her other son, Jasper and his boyfriend, Charles. I don’t think I’m brave enough to write a M/M romance just yet though. The story I have in mind would tell the story of Charles’s sister and the solicitor who defends Jasper and Charles on charges of indecency. It’s still just an idea and a few scribbled pages at the moment. I have a couple of other books to write first.

Renee Rose:  You've written several historicals and you have a new contemporary (part of the Corbin's Bend series) coming out-- did you find it difficult to make the switch to contemporary?

Etta Stark: My Corbin’s Bend book East End Girl will be released at the beginning of December and, yes, it is definitely different from my previous books. Switching from historical to contemporary was fine.

Star Wars references never seem to work very well with books set in nineteenth century.

The modern day is where I live (most of the time!) after all. It was nice being able to have my characters talk about things like movies and TV shows for a change. I even have the hero, Logan, threaten Kirsty, the heroine, with a spanking because she joked that Jar Jar Binks was probably his favorite Star Wars character. Star Wars references never seem to work very well with books set in nineteenth century.

It turns out that the tricky part was writing a book where everybody apart from my heroine was American. At least with my historical books, there’s not much chance that any actual Victorians are going to read it and complain that I got their dialogue all wrong. It seems that there might be a slightly higher chance that actual Americans will read East End Girl so I hope I’ve done OK.

Renee Rose: Would you share a juicy scene from Lord Westbrook's Muse?

Etta Stark: With pleasure! This scene is from when Lord Westbrook and Cass first make love. As I mentioned, they haven’t known each other long and they’re behaving quite scandalously. Lord Westbrook has just given Cass a bare-bottom spanking that has left them both rather hot and bothered.

“I want to bed you,” said Lord Westbrook. They were the first words he had spoken to her since before the spanking. His voice sounded lower than usual and slightly hoarse. She could feel the hard bulge at the front of his trousers pressing against her belly.

“I want that too,” she replied quietly.

She immediately found herself lifted from the ground as Lord Westbrook scooped
her up in his arms and deposited her on the bed. He unlaced her dress and pulled it over her head. Her drawers, already divested earlier, remained on the floor by the bed. With her dress removed, all the covering that remained was a thin chemise, which Lord Westbrook quickly removed. Cass wondered if he appreciated the ease of undressing in comparison to a more fashionably dressed lady. No stays and whalebone corsetry to barricade his access.

She was entirely naked. Lord Westbrook looked hungrily at her exposed body, taking in her pale skin, small round breasts and the thatch of auburn hair between her legs. He removed his shirt and pulled down his trousers, his engorged manhood, released from its confines, sprung upwards.

He positioned himself over her. Cass expected him to enter her immediately but instead he focused his attention on her breasts, caressing the left one lightly with his hand while he took the other in his mouth – licking and nibbling in a way that she found extraordinarily pleasant. Cass felt as though every part of her was poised and alert, eager to respond to his touch.

He pushed her legs apart with his knees and she lifted her hips up to meet him. He
pushed his manhood deep within her. Cass felt him pause as he met resistance. She had not told him she was still a virgin. He looked at her questioningly. He clearly hadn’t expected her maidenhead to be intact.

Cass was worried that he might call an end to the whole thing. She wondered if he
was angry with her for not telling him beforehand. For a moment, Lord Westbrook looked as though he was going to say something and then clearly thought better of it, instead pushing hard and deep past her barriers, tearing her hymen with such force that she let out a small scream. He quickly kissed her on the mouth. “It’ll get better from this point,” he said.

Lord Westbrook’s Muse is on sale now from the following retailers:
Amazon UK
Blushing Books
Barnes & Noble