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Checking out Pony Play with A Rough Ride by C.P. Mandara

Available for pre-order now
I first heard of pony play back in my twenties when I read my first BDSM book. Other than the the fact that the tail was a butt plug (I love butt plugs!), I didn't see the appeal. Just like anal sex, bondage, age play and medical BDSM, I have since warmed significantly to the idea. I think I'm ready for pony or pet play.  With that in mind, I reached out to the leading author of pony play, CP Mandara. You may recognize her as a frequent contributor to Saturday Spankings.  Her snippets are always smoking hot, and today's is no exception. She's about to release her fifth installment in the Pony Tales series. A Rough Ride is available for pre-order now. Check out this delicious punishment...  mmmm

“I’ve been thinking about your punishment for this evening’s ‘panty’ debacle. As you have already realised, parading you around central London in that dress will be a part of it. It should help you lose that innate sense of propriety that you seem so keen to hold on to. You need to learn that when I lay down the law, I mean for my instructions to be obeyed immediately and without question. Failure to do so will result in penalties. These may be moderate to severe, depending on my choice, but I shall make sure that the lesson has been learned.” As his hand continued to fall, he increased the strength of the stroke. She whimpered in protest, but there was still little movement on her part. “You will be pleased to know that I am going to allow you the privilege of wearing panties to work.” He did not miss the puzzled frown that graced her face. She had every right to be confused but he intended to clear up her misunderstanding quickly. “When you arrive at the office, however, you will bend over and push your panties down so that they rest around your ankles. That way, I will be assured that you are not wearing underwear while you are working under my roof.” Marianna’s jaw dropped in horror and he knew it had nothing to do with the effects of his spanking, even though her backside had just begun to wiggle in the most charming fashion. “You may speak.”

Marianna did the goldfish thing again. He hadn’t slowed the pace of his spanking, so it was going to be a little hard for her to concentrate, but she’d get there in the end. Women were renowned for their multi-tasking skills he’d heard.

“Isn’t there some…” a rather loud squeak ensued as a particularly hard whack cracked down, “health and safety law against that?” Her words tripped over one another in a breathless manner and her squirming increased. He could feel his cock harden painfully as he watched her body undulate backwards and forwards.

“Against what?” He raised an eyebrow out of habit, but was aware she couldn’t see it.

“Against try-ing,” another squeak, “to walk,” a yelp of pain, “in-high-heels-with-your-panties-around-your-ankles!”

“It’s a good job I speak gibberish, Miss Morreau. No, the only laws in my office are those which I set and you will ensure that you walk slowly and carefully within the confines of my office, so as not to injure yourself. If you manage to injure yourself through your own stupidity, you will, of course, be punished.” Slap, slap, slap. The metronome beat of his hand was building in tempo. She had to wait a full minute before she could summon a weak, if faintly sarcastic response to his dictate.

“Obviously.” That was the last thing she said for quite some time. 

Who will have the pleasure of training Petal? By rights, the honour should go to Mark Matthews, but the cowboy has other plans. The matter is not settled until the stable owner is brought into the fray. 

It is to be a monumental first week for Albrecht's newest trainee. The pony girl will have two days to find a way of coping with her new latex bodysuit and the rigorous buzzing and pumping of the never-ending 'device' which torments her every waking moment. She will then find herself shipped off as a sex-slave, chained and caged, to the mysterious high-bidder from the auction. 

It doesn't take Petal long to realise that her chances of escaping from Albrecht are slim at best, but her defiant nature won't let her give up hope just yet. There is a way out for her, but she may have to give up more than her sanity in order to achieve it.

Author Bio:

Christina Mandara was born in the UK, but has spent most of her life travelling the world. She speaks three languages and has been chiefly employed in the fields of finance and travel. Her favourite city is Sydney and her favourite holiday destination is the south of France.
She loves keeping fit and enjoys running, cycling and water sports. No, not thosekinds of water sports; think surfing or sailing. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy BDSM in all of its glorious forms, be that pony girls, bondage, edge play, orgasm denial or a damn good spanking. Her favourite item in the toy closet (a box simply isn’t big enough) is her riding crop.
In her spare time she’s usually cuddled up with a good book, exploring the countryside or baking in the kitchen. In fact, she loves her kitchen so much she’s one of few woman who wouldn’t mind being tied to it! Her first and foremost love is writing, however, and more often than not you’ll find her on a laptop spinning tales of romance, erotica or dark, paranormal fantasies.
Those in the BDSM world might wonder whether Ms Mandara is a top or a bottom. Is she currently training a herd of pony boys or is she stabled up, in full leather tack, with the pony girls? It’s a good question. Answers on a postcard please…

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Out Now – Timeless Desire by Lucy Felthouse @cw1985 #erotica #romance #paranormal #ghost

I was delighted to meet Lucy Felthouse, the powerhouse behind Erotica for All and a prolific writer, at Eroticon last March. Lucy has a new paranormal out this week, and I'm pleased to highlight it here today.

Timeless Desire
Emily arrives at Westbury Hall with a job to do. She’s to clean and conserve all of the books in their impressive library, preserving them for future generations. Not long into her stay at the house, she bumps into the night guard, George. She’d expected an old, balding guy with a comb over, so the hunky chap she actually meets is a very pleasant surprise. The introductions complete, George leaves Emily in peace to get on with her job. But when a falling photograph sets off a chain reaction of ghostly events, Emily and George are thrown together in order to find out who—or what—is causing them. Their investigation uncovers a tragic past, a lost love, and a stunning secret.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a revised and extended of a previously published title, Love Through Time.

Available from:

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Emily received some strange looks and frowns from the people she passed as she walked across the graveled drive towards the front entrance of Westbury Hall. She could appreciate their confusion. It was closing time for the stately home and the last of the visitors were being politely ushered out of the building, yet she was heading inside. What’s more, she’d been invited. She had a job to do.

An elderly lady stood in the porch smiling and nodding as she held the door open for those departing the property. Most of them seemed in no hurry to leave, stopping to make comments to the woman, thanking her for a lovely visit and so on. Emily waited patiently, allowing the patrons to leave before attempting to get in. When the staff member—most likely a volunteer, Emily thought—caught sight of her, she gave her a polite nod of acknowledgment.

Finally, the last of Westbury Hall’s visitors moved out, leaving Emily free to enter. Climbing the single stone step to the threshold of the front porch, she took the hand that had already been offered to her.

Shaking Emily’s hand with a surprising firmness, the woman said, “You must be Miss Stone.” Her smart appearance and the intelligence in her eyes indicated that despite her advancing age, she was far from past it, “I’m Mrs. Thompson, house supervisor.”

“I am,” replied Emily, dropping her hand back to her side, “but please, call me Emily. It’s lovely to meet you. So, house supervisor? Do you live on site?” Not a volunteer, then, but a paid member of staff.

Indicating Emily should step inside the entrance hall, Mrs. Thompson proceeded to close and lock the porch and front doors of the house, securing them in.

“I do,” the older woman said, turning back to face Emily, “I have rooms in a separate building just off the back of this one. So you needn’t worry about me disturbing you.”

“Oh no,” said Emily, worried she’d inadvertently rubbed Mrs.  Thompson up the wrong way, “I didn’t mean that. I was just curious, that’s all. You’re more than welcome to see me at work, Mrs. Thompson, although I’m afraid you won’t see anything terribly exciting.”

Mrs. Thompson smiled now, the warmth reaching her eyes. Emily almost sagged with relief. She’d yet to see the extent of the work she had to do, but she’d been told it was no easy task, so she could be here for some time. The last thing she needed was to upset any of the staff.

“Oh, you’d be surprised, my dear. This is a fascinating old place. Of course, all these old houses have history, but Westbury Hall’s is particularly rich.”

Emily smiled. The woman’s enthusiasm was infectious. “Well then,” she replied, “I can’t wait to learn more about it. I hope you’ll feed me some historical tidbits throughout the time I’m here?”

Mrs. Thompson gave an enigmatic smile. Then, startling Emily somewhat, she turned smartly on her heel and walked deeper into the house. “Come, my dear, I won’t hold you up any longer. I’ll show you to the library, where you’ll soon start uncovering Westbury’s illustrious history for yourself.”


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women's Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

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Devon's Discipline - a fun new paranormal by Adaline Raine

I'm so pleased to welcome my dear friend Adaline Raine to my blog today to highlight her new book Devon's Discipline!  Take it away, Addy!

Hi Renee!

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Thanks so much for sharing a snippet of my newest release, Devon's Discipline published by Stormy Night Publications

It's an erotic paranormal romance about a young college junior who begins to drink alcohol to cope with the tragic and sudden loss of both of her parents. She signs up for a class with Professor Matthews who takes an interest in her behavior after he hears she is not going to other classes and he assures her that he will help her get her missing motivation back. His punishments include bare bottom spankings and they serve as a reminder to be respectful to herself and him. The excerpt below is after his first lesson in respect.


“You’re stalling.” His arms crossed, Matthews stood at the small side door which led to the hallway.

“I wouldn’t want to lose my balance.” She moved into the aisle, then descended the steps slowly and deliberately.

“I would just catch you again.”

Devon felt a rush of heat come over her as she met him at the doorway and began to follow him through the twists and turns toward his office.

“I came late because I tried to study last night, but I went to the bar.” I wanted someone to look out for me. What is my problem?

“I don’t want to hear excuses.” He turned down the corner and reached his door. Matthews opened it for her and gestured for her walk inside.

“If you have more important things to do, I can come back,” Devon offered, but he shook his head as he studied her.

“Go bend over the couch.”

“What if I say no?”

“Then leave. You agreed to this so either do what you’re told, or get out.” Matthews left the door open and moved to his desk. He perched on the edge and checked his watch. “Close the door regardless of your choice.”

“I’m trying to tell you what happened.” Devon narrowed her eyes but made her way to the door, clicked the lock shut, and sashayed over to him. “I figured you’d want to know.”

“You’re still standing up.” Matthews raised his eyebrows as she leaned into him.

“If you want me somewhere then put me there.”

“I told you to do it.” He moved to a standing position and put his hands on her waist. “Hurry up.”

Devon looked down at his hands, loving the way he held her but wishing it was for a better reason. She finally pulled away and did what he said as he followed behind her. She kept her legs and arms straight as she leaned down and pushed her butt up.

“Good girl.” His hand rested on her hip and she breathed out as it dipped to caress the lower curve of her ass.

“I’m trying,” she whispered as he smacked each bottom cheek slowly, then increased his speed. Devon groaned as she rose up on her heels, aroused and confused by the sensation. It felt different then the spanking at his house, where she hadn’t known what he was going to do. Five sharper smacks struck each cheek and she gasped.

“You’re not supposed to enjoy this.” Matthews paused and she felt him run his hand up her spine.


Following the tragic loss of her parents, Devon Dawson has turned to alcohol as a way to cope with the grief and her college grades are dropping fast. Things seem to have hit rock bottom when she is called into the office of Professor Matthews and scolded like a naughty schoolgirl. The handsome professor informs Devon that he’ll be keeping a close eye on her and warns her that if he feels it necessary, he will not hesitate to spank her soundly.

It isn’t long before Devon ends up over Professor Matthews’ knee for a hard, bare-bottom spanking. But even though he treats her like a wayward child, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. It seems sometimes as if he can read her most intimate thoughts, and there is a mysterious, supernatural power about him which she cannot ignore.

With the help of his firm hand, Devon begins to put her life back together. By the time she realizes that she is falling in love with him, she is in too deep to turn back. She craves his touch and wants him to take all that she has to offer, but when she discovers the truth about him, she wonders if he will be able to protect her from his own dark desires.

Publisher’s Note: Devon’s Discipline is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Buy Links:

Adaline Raine is an avid reader of spanking romance and is known for reviewing every book she touches! Check her out over at Spanking Romance Reviews for recommended reads as well as on Amazon and Good Reads.

Becoming a Lady, Adaline's premiere story showcases spankings in a historical setting. Our lovely main character is poor and abused so when a tall man drugs her and steals her away from her village she is confused by his actions. He takes his time to teach and guide but his methods include his hand and her hind.

Marked by the Alpha, her second release has an alpha male werewolf turning his chosen mate over his knee for some well needed attitude adjusting.

Adaline has also become known for her love of creating graphics for others. She has designed custom banners and buttons for various blog hops throughout the community including "Spank or Treat 2013";"Winter Spanks 2014"; "Summer Spanks 2014", as well as the headers and backgrounds at Bratty Addy. Her exclusive feature, Addy's Couch takes guests books covers and fashions them into a one-of a kind piece for fun or promotional purposes. Contact Adaline at brattyadaline at gmail dot com if you would like her to create something for you!

You can find author interviews, excerpts of upcoming books, and general thoughts from Adaline Raine via the following links:

Spanking Romance Board on Pintrest:

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Whispersync Rocks! - The Devil of Whiskey Row on audio - (Western spanking romance)

Do you know about Whispersync?  Because I totally didn't understand it until I wrote an article on making audiobooks for the Write Sex Right site (to be published tomorrow).

Whispersync allows you to go back and forth between your kindle ebook and an audiobook.  It saves your place so you can listen in the car, then pull out your Kindle when you get home and it will jump to where you were.  Isn't that amazeballs?  And to make it even more awesome, if you've bought the ebook, the audiobook costs a very small fraction of the cost.  For example, if you've already bought my The Devil of Whiskey Row  ebook, the audio version only costs $2.99 (regular price $10.46).

And yes, I'm mentioning The Devil of Whiskey Row for a reason!  It just released in audio format this week.  I would love it if you would check it out and let me know what you think of my fabulous narrator!

Buy now on AmazoniTunesAudible

Here's the scoop...

$10.46 or $2.99 with ebook!

Forced by miserable circumstance to work in a gold rush saloon, Cora Underhill hates what her life has become. When a fire sweeps through her workplace, she welcomes death as an end to it all. But then Jake Diggory crashes through her window for an unwelcome rescue, offering her shelter and a paid position at his establishment. She accepts, in spite of Jake's fearsome reputation as "The Devil Diggory", and soon sees another side to Jake - the firm but caring side of him which led his girls to name him "Daddy Diggs."

Life at Daddy Diggs' is an entirely new experience for Cora. While Jake has strict rules which he backs up with over the knee discipline, he will not tolerate any mistreatment of his girls and can go from playing beautiful music on his piano to defending them with his bare fists. The strangest thing is that everyone at Daddy Diggs' swears that Jake has never slept with any woman since his fiancee's death back in Ireland fifteen years ago.

Cora attempts to emulate the other tavern girls at Daddy Diggs' who enjoy making money, holding power over men and even the act of sex, but she still finds no pleasure in the company of men - until the day she inadvertently arouses the passion of The Devil Diggory. His fierce lovemaking thaws some frozen part of her, but it seems Jake is only attracted to her because she resembles his dead fiancee. Confused by his new feelings for Cora and guilt over his broken vow of celibacy, Jake pushes Cora away. Can he come to terms with his past and claim Cora for his own, or will his grief keep them apart forever?

Publisher's Note: The Devil of Whiskey Row is an erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this audiobook.

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#Whipped while giving a #blowjob - The Professor's Girl #SatSpanks

$3.99 individually
Today's snippet is from The Professor's Girl, my new release as part of the School's in Session box set, along with Dinah McLeod, Celeste Jones, Kate Richards and Maggie Carpenter.


He folded the belt in half. “Take off the shirt.” His heavy-lidded eyes seemed to burn through her.

She drew in a breath and pulled off the shirt, her nipples tightening at the vulnerability of kneeling at his feet, completely nude.

“Come and put your mouth on my cock again,” he said, his voice low and sultry, his glittering gaze dangerous.

She stood on her knees and put her lips over the head of his shaft, her heartbeat steady and fast.

He swung the belt and it landed lightly, but still stung her tender buttocks.



School’s in Session Box Set $9.99 (50% off Individual Titles!) with books from Celeste Jones, Dinah McLeod, Maggie Carpenter and Kate Richards

When graduate student Lucy Larson sees her hot professor, thesis advisor and employer at a spanking party, she promptly runs and hides. Later, kicking herself for her cowardice, she realizes she missed the opportunity to bring her spanking fantasies to life and sets her sights on seducing the hunky scientist. He ignores her antics until she accidentally ruins his research experiment and then he bends her over his desk for twenty strokes of the cane.

Dr. Todd Daniels would like nothing more than to get involved with his smart and sexy lab assistant, but doing so would be unethical and risk censure from the university. Still, when she deserves a serious spanking, he delivers.

Delving into a flaming hot love affair, they must hide their relationship and navigate department politics, a search for his child, given up for adoption years before, and Lucy’s insecurities about his commitment. He wants to make it all work, but he isn’t sure if their unbalanced power dynamic has longevity as a relationship. In the end, all mentors fall off their pedestals and students must spread their own wings.

Read all the Saturday Spankings!

Three Dark Hours by Maggie Carpenter - from the School's in Session spanking romance box set

I'm featuring Three Dark Hours, by Maggie Carpenter today, from the School's in Session box set. A hot book about a novice writer who works for a publishing company. Maggie throws some wonderful misdirection with two possible spank/love interests for Isobel, our heroine. It's a delightful tale that keeps the pages turning and is full of steamy scenes.

Here's a little sample:

She was standing, blindfolded and trembling, listening to his approaching footfalls.  
“You know I’m going to spank you,” he whispered, his lips touching her ear.
“Yes, Sir,” she quivered.
“I’m going to spank you hard.”
“Ooh, yes, Sir.”
“Do you know why?”
“No, Sir?”
“Because I need to see your beautiful bottom turn hot pink as I slap you.  Because I need to feel you squirm, and I need to hear you gasp and moan.”
“Yes, Sir,” she trembled, the butterflies flying around her stomach feeling more like a flock of hummingbirds.
“But the most important reason, the reason that motivates me above all else, the reason that it will give me such enormous pleasure...”
“Yes, Sir?”
“Is because you want me to.”
Her legs fell weak, and she leaned back against him.
“I know, my sweet girl,” he murmured, and placing his arm around her waist he led her to the bed, then pulled her across his lap.
Still wearing panties, she gasped as he yanked them up between her cheeks.  It was all so new, this flurry into the darker side, but the more he shared with her, the more she felt herself falling under some kind of spell.


“Breathless and overcome, Isobel was lost in the moment.  She had just been spanked for the very first time by her handsome teacher, the hero of her fantasies, and she was convinced she would faint from the sheer excitement of it all.”

Isobel Parker believes she has neither the talent or education to write a full length novel, and to improve her skills she enrolls in an after hours creative writing course.  

On the first night, excited and enthusiastic, she walks into the classroom and is shocked to see the hero of every short story she’s ever written. He is tall, wide-shouldered, with black hair and sizzling blue eyes; his name is Patrick Doyle and she is hooked.

Captivated by the bulging muscles threatening to break through the thin white cotton sleeves of his shirt, and the smattering of chest hair peeking across the open collar, she finds it impossible to concentrate.  As the classes continue her sleepless nights become filled with dark fantasies in which he is the star, and when he instructs his students to write a short story entitled, Three Dark Hours, Isobel jumps at the opportunity to put her lascivious fantasies on paper.  

As she finishes the erotic account of spanking and other wicked pursuits, she prays that when the handsome and enigmatic Mr. Doyle reads it, he will understand it’s actually a very special, very naughty invitation.

Claiming it has been authored by a friend she nervously hands the tantalizing tale to her boss for a critique.  His name is Brad Saunders, and he is an ambitious Acquisitions Editor for a boutique publishing company. Isobel is hoping for some helpful notes, but Brad has a stunning surprise in store, one that could change her life and turn her wicked fantasies into reality.

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Educating Marguerite - School's in Session spanking romance box set

$3.99 on Amazon
Because of the way our deadlines worked with getting the School's in Session box set out, I haven't had a chance to read Kate Richard's contribution Educating Marguerite, but I am about to! I hope you'll enjoy me in reading this tasty preview:

Joining Alice on her knees, she peered over the top of the seat to see the couple, apparently unaware, or maybe just uncaring, that they were no longer alone.
The woman, a blowsy redhead, shrieked a curse at her husband and drew back her hand to swing at him. He ducked aside and removed his black felt hat from his slicked-down salt-and-pepper hair, hanging it on a hook beside the window. As she flailed and called him names, he calmly unbuttoned his jacket and hung it as well then opened his sleeves and rolled them to his elbows.
“Alice,” she hissed, “what is he doing?”
The Irish girl giggled. “Just watch.”
The next time the woman swung, the man caught her wrist and twisted it around her back. She shrieked another volley of curses, but this time it might be pain and not rage. Her florid cheeks and wild eyes met the girls’ but she didn’t react or tell the man.
“We should go.” Marguerite felt as if they were interrupting something personal, but Alice put an arm about her waist and rested her heat on her shoulder as they knelt side by side.
“I don’t think they mind.”
But did she mind? Marguerite couldn’t decide but the man had not seemed to notice them and she feared that if they made a move, he would. As the redhead panted, he dropped into the seat sideways, legs out in the aisle and, with a jerk, pulled her over his lap, her belly on his trousers, her face toward the back of the car.
He murmured something and she answered in a strangled tone, but with their voices so low, she could not make out what was said. Then he murmured something else and the woman—his wife?—began to struggle, kicking her legs and flailing over his lap.
“Maybe we can go now….” She started to turn, but Alice tightened her hold.
“No, we can’t. Just hush.” At a glance, she saw her friend’s color heightened as well. What was the man going to do that had her in such a state?
Then it became clear. To her complete horror and embarrassment, he lifted his wife’s skirt and underskirt, then unfastened her bustle and dropped it to the floor. As she kicked and cried out, he continued to pull and push and unfasten until only her pantalets remained to cover her female parts and her bottom.
“What are they doing?”
He rested his palm on her back and spoke in a low, calm voice for some minutes and after a bit, the redhead’s flailing slowed then stopped and, relieved, although still confused, she turned to speak to Alice when the first thud  emerged above the rumbling of the train car. She jerked her head around to find him lifting his hand for another smack and another, peppering his wife’s cotton clad behind with firm smacks as she shuddered and sobbed.  Marguerite began to count, under her breath, one, two, and including the first one she hadn’t seen, he spanked her twenty-five times before he stopped.

 Educating Marguerite by Kate Richards
Virginia City, Nevada, in 1870, is no place for a graduate of Miss Pomeroy's exclusive finishing school. And Marguerite Stokes makes no secret of her displeasure at her father's insisting she join him there.

Her subsequent angry tantrums lead him to place her under the supervision of stern schoolmaster William Melton, who has a firm hand but a secret hatred for the Stokes family. His attraction to Marguerite is immediate, but can he reconcile his desire for her with his grudge against her father?

When her father decides to force Marguerite to marry William, she is forced to choose between making her own way in the tough Wild West, or submitting to the authority of her father's secret enemy. Will the feisty, determined young lady take flight? Or can William convince her that she belongs by his side - and under his strong hand?
Save 50% off individual titles


Kate Richards divides her time between Los Angeles and the High Sierras. She would gladly spend all her days in the mountains, but she’d miss the beach…and her very supportive husband’s commute would be three hundred miles. Wherever she is, she loves to explore all different kinds of relationships in her stories. She doesn’t believe one-size-fits-all, and whether her characters live BDSM, ménage, GLBT or any other kind of lifestyle, it’s the love, the joy in one another, that counts.
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